Alternative to SquirrelMail?

I am fed up with SquirrelMail especially after using some of the webmail interfaces like G-Mail. Is it possible to use another webmail interface with DreamHost that is faster, more interactive, and easier to use than SquirrelMail?

Yes. You can install many of several available webmail programs in your user space. One example of installing a different webmail client program is in this DH wiki article on installing RoundCube.


You can also just use Gmail if you want.

Log into Gmail and go to Settings -> Accounts, then click on “Add another email address,” where you can enter your Dreamhost email account. Then log into your panel here and set it to forward to your Gmail account.

You will also have the option to always reply from your default account (your Gmail address), or to reply from which ever address the email was sent to.

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Gmail is the best solution it’s right.

You can also use google for domain :

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I’m also forwarding all my mail to Gmail, but I still maintain the DH Junk Mail filter. So I’m often checking the DH Squirrelmail’s quarantine list, and then using Gmail for everything after that.

Gmail has only once ever caught a message in its filter that was not spam, so it’s pretty reliable, but then again it does not catch all spam, either. But it catches a LOT more than DH Junk Mail filter does, with less hassle!

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I also use google hosted mail. I really hate to use other webmails, so I just forward everything like you already said. I was wasting too much time verifying 10 email accounts…

I’ve sponsored some webmail systems in the past, but after using Gmail, it’s difficult to go back…

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I find it REALLY hard to give up the convenience of IMAP though.

And I don’t find a double forward through GMail to be an exciting option either.


I posted this in another thread but as yet have no response.
Is anyone using SocketMail successfully with a shared Dreamhost account?
This may be an alternative for you guys asking for alternative webmail???