Alternative to ftp


For some reason, my FTP connection to the dreamhost server is very slow. I was wondering if there are any alternative file transfer methods (for large files, ~1GB) that work with dreamhost. Thanks in advance.


How fast is the upload rate for your connection? I’m guessing that’s the problem, the protocol used shouldn’t play much of a difference.

/nod, FTP is really the fastest protocal you can use. SCP or SFTP both requires encryption and decryption on both sides which slow things down.

Gotta be your upload pipe.

It’s odd because at the end of last year i was upping to dreamhost ftp at 180-200kB/s. now my speeds are 10-20kB/s. I’ve been talking with my ISP (college based), to see if they changed anything; so far, no luck though.

Anyway thanks for the replies.

Can you host it at your ISP and give wget a try from your DH server?

Do you have another server you can upload something to from there, just to be sure the problem isn’t at your end–assuming they take their time getting back to you.

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