Alternative PORT for SSH access


Is there an alternative port for SSH access. I need to access from behind a firewall that only allows access to standard web ports (80,8080,8081,443, etc.).

Normally, I use my own NAS box but my home broadband link is down!


Julian Knight

Port 22 is the only one I know of. Depending upon what you need to do, you could install a script that is accessible via http that allows you to pass shell commands. :wink:

One example:

Of course, you’d want to make sure and protect it with apache authentication so not just anyone could run it, but it might suffice in a pinch.


Hi, thanks for the rapid response.

I guess I’ll have to set something up, its a pain when having a command line to use is so easy :wink:

Thankfully, I’ve a secured host so I can use HTTPS access.


Julian Knight