Alternative mail filtering


I’d like to use the Tagged Message Delivery Agent on my domain. It can be installed for a single user, so it doesn’t affect anyone else. According to the TMDA pre-configuration page, Postfix needs to have recipient_delimiter enabled in Is Postfix ready for me to use it with TMDA? If we were using Qmail, then no-one would have to do anything… TMDA would just work. :slight_smile:



PS. For those who are interested, TMDA is a ‘whitelist’ filter. Those who’ve never emailed you before get issued a ‘challenge’ from TMDA. If they reply to the challenge, they get added to the whitelist. Spammers typically have fake email addresses, so never get the challenge… never reply… never get added to the whitelist. Rock on.

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I’m pretty sure recipient_delimiter doesn’t work with virtual domains in Postfix until 2.0.x.; i.e., it will only work with domains in $mydestination. I believe some people have been able to get TMDA working using just procmail though. We don’t officially support TMDA, and so you’re pretty much on your own as far as getting it to play nice with our system.

You’ll also probably need to install your own version of Python in your home directory.

Heh, my guess is asking someone named kNIGits to install Python will be redundant :slight_smile: Now, if I could only get this Peril script running…I could stand a bit more peril!

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