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I love Dreamhost’s incorporation of announcement lists, but I’d like to take it a step further. I know that they maintain a script to automatically add users to the list, but my site is totally PHP and I’d like it to be manageable through the administration interface I’ve designed. I want users to be able to sign up for lists, and I want my administrators to be able to remove, edit and add members from the website.

So, I’m wondering…do you think it would be a bad idea to just make my own little system using PHP and MySQL, storing email addresses in the database, and then using PHP to send a message via mail() to each email address in the database? I’m assuming it’s not a really good idea, but I’d really like subscription to be accessible through my website using my own systems.

So, basically, my question is: is there a good way to do this in PHP, or is it possible to create my own interface to add information to the DH program?


Just keep in mind that a php based email system will have limits. I beleive it is about 100 or 200 emails per hour. If you have less than that nothing to worry about, if you have more, then you would need to add code to send out so many in each hour then repeat until done. I am thinking using a stored variable in the database that the script reads then updates and use crontab to run the script.

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You mean like having a “last email used” var in the DB, and just updating that each execution of the script Crontab uses? Nice idea. :slight_smile:

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The only issue I can see with crontab, is what to do with the crontab once the emails are done.

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