Alternate url for web access

Is there any way to get direct http access to your account without actually using your specified domain? I’m switching the DNS server from my previous host to my new Dreamhost account, but I was hoping for a temporary link that I would be able to route people to until the changes propogate. It doesn’t appear http access is enabled for any of the sites, which is what I assumed would be the link.

you’ll have to set up a mirrored domain to accomplish this. (a search should have revealed this) BAsically you set up a mirror of your domain here at dreamhost from It may be a bit confusing, but it really works to accomplish what you want. It’s not a mirror of, but it’s a mirror of what dreamhost has for

There’s also a sigguestion you could vote for (Panel > Home > sigguestions) asking that dreamhost automatically set this up for you when you create an account.


Ahh, thanks. I figured I’d just be able to http access the server my account was on like with previous hosting accounts I’ve had.

ya, seemed strange to me too when I was starting with Dreamhost. Seems like you’d be able to access the domain by going to… oh well.