Alternate port for ssh?


I’m on a locked down system with lots of blocked ports, including port 22 (the standard ssh port). Does DH support any alternative ports for ssh? For example, on another system that I have an account on, I can use port 443 (which is open here!) by using this command:

ssh -p 443

Does anyone know?

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By default, DH uses port 22 for SSH.

I don’t think DH will change the port setting for a particular use because that is going to affect all the users in the same server.

I’ve heard somebody talking about Private Server. They said you can change the port in PS. You may want to contact DH support for sure answer.

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That’s weird; they use the https port as an alternate to SSH?

Is your telnet port (22) blocked, as well? I did see an article on tunneling SSH over telnet.



What are you using as your SSH client? Many have a means of tunneling your SSH connection using an HTTP or SOCKS proxy. In addition, if you do have a machine that you can connect to over another port, if that machine has unrestricted outbound capability, you can obviously connect to your DH server via that machine - either interactively or by setting up a tunnel on that machine to your DH server.

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