Alternate IMAP e-mail servers?


My boss is getting really sick and tired of all of DH’s e-mail problems (which in turn is making me really sick and tired of DH’s e-mail problems!). E-mail has been down a lot recently, and now all mail sent to AOL is bouncing back due to the Spamcop listing. My boss is not technical and he does not understand these problems. I want to continue using DH as a web-host, but can someone recommend a reliable 3rd party e-mail provider for a small business??? We only have 5 employees, but rely heavily on e-mail. Thanks.


Does your service provider offer an email service at all? Maybe you could use them to send out your email which may ease your problems a little.


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You can use your ISP’s SMTP server to send email. It is not an ideal solution, but it should get rid of the blacklisting problem until DH sorts itself out.

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You could look at Nancy’s recommendations.


No offence, but if your boss relies heavily on email… he should understand the pros and cons of his choices.

Email blacklisting is a byproduct of spam… and with so much spam out there, companies have began to automate blacklisting.

AOL puts this control in their users hands - which is 100% wrong. A couple of lazy AOL users who don’t want an opt-in newsletter anymore ding the spam button instead of unsubscribing… and bang our email servers get blacklisted again.

ISPs of all shapes and sizes have been nailed by that blacklist… call your ISP and get thier SMTP servers (if they offer them for you) and also ask them when the last time AOL BL’ed them.