Alternate email ports?

Comcast has shut off my ability to send outgoing email - using their SMPT or even Dreamhost’s. They say it’s because I’ve either been spamming (simply not the case) or I have a virus. I’m a Mac user, so that’s not the case either.

Right now Comcast insists my Mac has a virus.

Anyway, IIRC there are alternate SMTP ports I can use on DH. However, the wiki is down so I can’t find them. Can someone remind me what they are?


I wasn’t aware of Comcast being able to shutoff ports for just a single user. They can block the ports being used from a specific IP however… which leads me to believe that you (your router/computer/etc) recently acquired a new IP address that the previous owner used to spam emails out through.

Therefore my first suggestion would be, before going through any other hassles: Try renewing your connection to get a new IP. There are several ways to do this…
If you own a router, you can either try shutting it down for ~30mins-1hr or change its external MAC Address (if your router provides for it).
Otherwise, if you’re using a cable modem/dsl modem, unplug it for ~30mins-1hr. That should give you a fresh IP.

Just keep trying until it does if not.

Wow, good call. My IP hasn’t changed for over three years. But a couple weeks ago we had a major power outage and shut everything down. My modem was off for a day or so. The power came back just a few days before I got this email… I just checked and I have a completely different IP.

I’d suggest you try Mousee’s suggestion first and attempt to obtain a new IP address, but if that doesn’t rectify the issue you can use the alternate port 587 for SMTP.


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I had a somewhat urgent email (invoice) that I needed to send off, so I was looking for a quicker fix than waiting 30 minutes - 1hr.

I ended up calling and talking to a couple different people. They actually just instructed me to use 587 and said that all customers are supposed to use that port now.

I’m going to file a complaint against the first guy who refused to move forward trying to solve the problem as he insisted my Mac had a virus that was blasting emails.

I’ll shutoff my modem tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if my IP new is blocklisted elsewhere.

Thanks all.

hehe, glad that was the issue then and not something more ‘involved’ :wink:

Wasn’t this alternate port information in the wiki?

Or was this Comcast’s alternate port? (And believing anything comcast tells you is a huge mistake. The network is only up thanks to the 10 guys with a clue and heroics. The other 10,000 are 99% clueless.)


Like I mentioned in my first post, the DH wiki was down when this issue occurred.

I agree with you on your comment about how clueless most comcast employees are. One guy I talked to kept thinking that it was just some sort of issue on my end, even though I received an email from comcast regarding the issue.

I missed the comment about the wiki being down. Since it’s hosted on DH servers I just never expected that it would EVER be down. (choke!)

Just kidding.