Alternate contact for Dreamhost Support?

I’m blind, so use a screen reader to access my computer system. My screen reader is outdated, so I’m unable to use any of the newer web browsers. I’m now unable to access all functions of the Dreamhost Support message form, thus can no longer send messages to support directly.
Is there any other method of sending a message to Dreamhost Support to inquire about my account with them?
I used to use "" in standard email, but that has now been disabled as well.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

If your screen reader can handle it, you can use the general purpose contact form at Please give this a try, and see if that will work for you.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Many thanks for your prompt reply to my inquiry.
Sorry, still no joy with your suggestion. That form uses one of those “capcha” type security methods to prevent bots from spamming the form. Unfortunately, my screen reader is also unable to offer any useful information about that image, so I’m unable to use that form either.
Actually, this is the main problem if I attempt to create another domain in my account. Dreamhost now uses one of those graphic security systems during the registration of a new domain as well. Actually, this is one of the reasons I need to be able to contact support, in order to ask someone there to help with domain registrations since I’m no longer able to do that myself.

Is there any other method you’re aware of for contacting Dreamhost staff directly?

Many thanks

Hopefully, rlparker can have someone contact you to make some sort of arrangement. I know that email works on existing tickets, so there is some sort of system that parses incoming email. Maybe there’s some sort of tag you can include in the Subject to process your request.


I understand, and that’s no good. As Scott alluded to there is a way that can work for you. If you already have a ticket, you can just “reply” to that ticket to get the email added to the queue. I have also sent you a PM, so check there for an additional idea.

–DreamHost Tech Support

The big secret is you can just send a mail to .
It works just like whatever whizbang web form they are using now: you get an answer within 24 hours.