Altering configuration files?


I’m trying to move Word Press files from one domain name to another on Dreamhost.

I followed the instructions on backing up the MySQL database
and got the files copied over to a new database under the new domain (my understanding was that this is how you copy the WP files to the new domain).
I can see the files when I’m in the MySQL thing.

I don’t see any of the new files when I go into the web ftp of the new domain and just look in the folders/directory. I’m guessing that whatever is supposed to link the new domain and the database is missing and I think those are “configuration files” but I don’t know if that’s the problem or how to fix it.

Clearly I’m not a programmer so I hope I’m explaining this well enough that maybe someone could point me in the right direction?

I know I"m not being terribly specific but I don’t know what details might be helpful.

Thanks in advance for Any and All help!


The files on the server and the data stored in the mysql database are two entirely different things.

Are both of these domains on the same dreamhost account? If so, you’re really doing more than is needed. You can probably do a one-click install of wordpress on the new domain, specifying the old database as the database to use. Then you will also probably need to use MySQl to edit a couple of fields in the database before you will be able to log in to wp-admin at the new domain. If the old domain is still accessible then you wouldn’t even need to that.

Further if your migrating from old to new, and both domains are served by the same user on the server there is even an easier way.

Before I type further tho, tell us more about your situation. Most importantly same dreamhost account? and is the old domain still working?


Yes, both domains are under the same dreamhost account and both are still working, although I did go through WordPress and redirect WP to the new url so now I just get the 404 thing.

I will try doing the one click install of wordpress on the new domain, using the old database.

Thanks so much for your quick response!


If you haven’t done that hold off a minute… Let me look for a post with a different set of instructions.
Read here: