Already registered Domain

After my first request in a WHOIS-Tool it looked the way, (desired domain for the free domain in web hosting plan “code monster”) is still available and i signed up for “code monster”, chosing this domain.
But after signing up an everything set up in DreamHost i tried the WHOIS-Tool linked in DreamHosts Wiki (, sadly not found this before sign up) and there was it, shocking: is already registered by somebody else, even though it’s expired and on redemptionPeriod.
Problem now, that i don’t know for sure, what to do :confused:

This could happen in DH.

Maybe sombody else registered and tried to register the domain name in DH before. The name will be recorded in DH. If you are sure that the domain name is not in use, you can send a ticket to DH via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support and request them to transfer the name to your account

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If the domain is indeed already registered and in the redemption period, there is not a lot you can do, except wait out the redemption period and hope that it is not renewed by the previous owner.

If you specified this domain during the sign-up process, I suspect that you will receive an email soon informing you that the registration attempt has failed. This should not affect your hosting account application and once your account has been approved you can use your ‘free’ domain credit to register another domain (if you wish).


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guess it was more likely an error in the WHOIS-tool - next time use reliable tools, stupid ^_^°
as i can overlook it for now, the domain with .net-tld was also identified as registered by DreamHost, thus no request was sent out nor was the free domain in my hosting plan used for this.
after all, admin control panels differ so it was somehow confusing in DH for the first minutes. same domain with tld .org was free, requested this from the acp and wuhu - it worked =) deleted .net-domain and hopefully everything will work fine now - elsewise nothin’ more than my fault and going to pay for every stupidity :smiley:

thx for helping me anyhow, hopefully my live with DH will be joyful from now till… well, only god knows XD

@ Raz2133

so it might be possible, that this domain will get “free” (redemptionPeriod on this domain sounds more like -no way-)?
not that this will be a problem to pay, only don’t want to make problems on this :confused:

As I understand it, the redemption period is a 30 day period, after the domain registration has lapsed, when only the original registrant can re-register the domain. If the original registrant fails to re-register the domain during this period, it goes into a 5 day ‘pending delete’ period, during this period no-one can register the domain. After 5 days the domain returns to the public pool and is available for registration.

In short; You may still obtain the domain you want, but it will require some patience and a lot of luck. :slight_smile:


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This is the way i understand this, too :slight_smile: (woo, smilies XD )
well, registered the .org-tld (man, gettin’ a domain is hard work, now that virtually every “normal” domainname is lurched) and hopefully don’t made the system at DH explode with deleting and registering and so on :frowning: - well, until now everything works fine ^_^°°