Alpine/IMAP/SSL and new Debian 9

I have been using Pine and Alpine for years on Windows XP. Now our mailserver was upgraded from Debian 8 (Jessie) to Debian 9 (Stretch) and Alpine says
"There was an SSL/TLS failure for the server".
I suppose, that Windows XP are reason for this. My colleague has the same version of Alpine (2.20) with the same configuration on Windows 7 and has
no problem. Moreover, Debian release notes say "The 3DES and RC4 ciphers are no longer available for TLS/SSL communication. … This means that OpenSSL and Windows XP share no common cipher. "
So my questions are:

  1. Does the Alpine rely on system regarding SSL/TLS? (Thunderbird has no problem on Windows XP against Debian 9, tested versions, 38.5.0, 45.8.0, 52.2.1)
  2. If so, is there any way how to allow Alpine work against Debian 9 on Windows XP?
    My configuration for IMAP is like . While Thunderbird is able to connect with our mailserver using SSL/TLS or STARTTLS, no different setting of Alpine was successful…

This post appears to have nothing to do with Dreamhost hosting or ancilliary services. You state your client is running on Win XP and the server is running on Debian. Therefor I see no connection to Dreamhost or it’s associated services.

This forum is for Dreamhost customers to receive general assistance from other customers and sometimes Dreamhost staff. If I’ve missed something please explain, otherwise your post will get far more attention on a community like Stack Exchange’s Superuser Community.

I highly doubt there is anything you can do to keep your Windows XP. You really really need to change operating system. The same computer running WinXP now can run an operating system that is more modern and updated. Here are some suggestions

PS While this forum is heavily DreamHost-centric, I don’t mind giving answers to more general questions if they’re interesting, posted with enough details and contribute to sharing knowledge