Alphabetically sort

I am a web designer/developer and I typically bring most of my new clients to Dreamhost and access their accounts using your Account Privileges functionality.

When I login and change to one of my client’s control panels using the Change Account dropdown, I see that the accounts are listed in the order they were added. That works OK for now, but I anticipate adding more and more clients over the coming years, and that list is going to get quite long. It’s going to get VERY difficult to find the
account I am looking for.

So I wanted to submit a feature request to enable sorting that list alphabetically. I’m sure there are many other customers who would benefit from that. Thanks very much!

I can appreciate your opinion, however I see it just the opposite. I’d rather see the list order of domains added chronologically, the way it currently is.

Chronological order represents the domains in my work process, which I like; much easier for me to judge where I am in my work load.

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