Almost ready to get sign up but first

  1. I believe the plans state Shell Access an Anonymous FTP users? Does this mean I can browse my computer and click a button to upload a file(s) or do I have to purchase a FTP uploader software like cuteftp or something? Most free based sites include a feature like that but for a previous computer series company I had to use a FTP software which was luckly setup to run with Coldfusion software and Dreamweaver.

  2. Please tell me Macromedia Flash MX 2004 software is work with DreamHost servers and will be viewable as long as visitors have a Flash Player installed?

  3. I know Coldfusion software is not supported by DreamHost but will it be in the near future?

Sorry if I sound like a noob, I’ve never actually had my own website inless it was a free service. I have worked as a webdesigner though, but hosting and stuff was always taken care of the company… piff I just design & maintain the sites.

Thanks and look forward to getting my project up and running soon.

  1. some answers here
    Dreamweaver has FTP built in. On Windows, you can also use Explorer (not Internet Explorer).

  2. Yes.

  3. Can’t speak for them directly, but I would guess not.

Re point 1 - Even better than ftp… dreamhost supports secure ftp, and a free client can be found here…


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