Allowing visitors to register their own email

Is it possible to have a webfront for allowing visitors of my site to register their own mail account?

I do not think this is possible in DH. The only way to register email account is in DH panel.

just for your info, they can change email setting by themselves via

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It’s not possible using DreamHost’s webmail, but you could set up your own mailing application, couldn’t you?
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Agreed. You wouldn’t be able to do this sort of thing but another idea maybe just allowing users to signup and store the information in a database, then manually create the accounts. (Lots more work though…)

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It would be extremely useful if DreamHost provided some kind of API to access some of the panels functionality, even if it was limited to such things as creating sub-domains, email addresses etc.


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On this same subject, I know users can go change their emails settings. But My parents want to change their passwords. When they do I can still log in to the mail manager and see their passwords… Is there anyway to hide this from me ? Or do I just have to be trustworthy ? I’d rather option 1.

First, you just have to be trustworthy.

Secondly, it is possible to have site visitors create their own E-mail address, just not easy. All new E-mail addresses have to be created through the panel, but it is possible to create a script to do this. Basically that script will have to log into the panel, and submit the information as if you were doing it.

There have been some other posts on the forum about this, and I’m sure there’s some help in the wiki. It’s possible, but would require an advanced coder.

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