Allowing users to access the FTP/web server


I’d like to configure my account so that the individual users (the ones who have separate login/ftp/telnet access) can also publish directly to the web. There are two ways I can think of, neither of which seem to work:

  1. login to their ftp account and upload html files, to be viewed via the URL

  2. to give them permission to certain areas of the main ftp/web server, but not all of the server.

Any ideas on how I could go about this?


There’s no easy way to do this using FTP since ftp logins are chrooted to the user’s home directory (ie they can’t traverse outside of it).

The simplest thing to do is to create a third user for FTP, and use that for FTP uploads.

You can also put the FTP user in the same group as the two shell users, and make the files group writable; then you can make symlinks for the shell users to the FTP user’s home directory; they’ll still be able to edit any files that have group-write permissions.

I’d like to have FTP or SHELL users upload to the web directory directly but I don’t understand the answers.

Would someone be able to outline it more?