Allowing another ftp user to access my web folder?


i own the domain and have and my main account contains my web folder.

i created an ftp account for my designer, but her account cannot access my web folder. she can only see her home folder. is there a way for me to give her account permission to access my account’s web folder or am i going to have to suck it up and give her my login info?


ok. i’ve created a unix group and have logged in on a shell.

when i try to change groups, i get an error that the operation is not permitted.

i even try chmodding the directory just in case to 777, but i still can’t change the group.

yes, i am logged in as a member of the group and i am a member of the new group i want to change ownership to.


Only the owner can change ownership. What command and syntax are you using?


yeah. i am the owner.

i typed: groups

and it’s not showing up as one of the groups i’m in. it might just be that dreamhost hasn’t updated yet.

i’m using:
chgrp -R [group name] [path to folder to change]



if i type: groups

it only shows that i’m in the default group.

if i type: groups [username]

it shows that i’m in both groups.

it should show that i’m in both groups.

It’s possible that there’s something buried in that directory you’re not allowed to change. That happens sometimes. Submit a ticket to Support and let them know it’s not letting your recursively change the Group.


i needed to close/open my ssh session.