Allowing access to my ftp

I’ve hired someone off from India to create and place a logo on my blog in the header.
I really don’t want to give them my username and password for full access to ftp. How is this generally done?

I set a user name up for them and put my theme file in it that they would need to change.

Correct? Anything else I need to do? I can then transfer those files to my website.

That is one way of doing it. Another option, if they need full access to the site, would be to create a temporary FTP user and place just that one domain under that user. When the job is complete, you can bring the domain back under the control of your normal user.

Of-course, only give them full access to your site if you trust them to only make the changes they need to.


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How do you place the domain under the new user? They are assigned a home directory and can’t edit outside that path, as near as I can tell.

I posted this under another topic but I think it is the same thing. At least this is what the dreamhost team told me to do.

It gives the person a webid and a cpanel login to that domain in which they can ftp.

In the cpanel under Billing, yes Billing

go to Account Privileges,
set up a new one, just check off the domain they need access to any any databases for that domain

Make sure Privilege Administration is not checked and anything else you don’t want them having access to.

I asked about this this morning and that is what the Dreamhost help guy said to do.

I used my own info and will send the other user the login to the cpanel and his login info. From the cpanel he can webftp.
Haven’t had the chance to see if it works with another ftp program. It will give them access though but only to the one domain.

Seems funny there is not a simpler way to make a simple ftp account and have it point at whatever domain or directory you want.

Maybe one of the geek gods will read this and help.

In the control panel, under Domains is a remap sub dir. This will remap your domain or a directory on your domain to the new ftp user. How this effects existing files I am not sure, but for empty folders it works perfect to allow someone temp access to the web.