Allowed to deploy Lotus Notes/Domino?

I’m currently running a local Lotus Notes/Domino server but would like to deploy it to my Dreamhost server instead–am I allowed to do this? I do not have a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server.

I still have one Lotus Notes database/application that we use for timesheet and expense entry. We do not use any Notes/Domino services such as Mail, Web, etc.


You’re certainly allowed to try, but I can’t provide any guarantees that it will work, and we won’t be able to offer you much assistance if you run into issues.

Hey Andrew–I understand, that makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply.

So to other users out there: has anybody successful deployed a Domino server on their Dreamhost shared or vps/dedicated server? Any “gotchas” or advice for me?

Thank you,