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What type of content does DH allow? My site is a image/file host, are there certain types of images that dreamhost will not allow?

As long as it’s legal in US (no Copyright infringement, child pornography…) it’s ok on dreamhost.

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If it’s legal in LA. If it’s illegal in LA.

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As already accurately stated, if the content is legal, DH has no problem with you hosting it.

Another thing you might consider is that with most image/file hosting sites, you are likely to have a hard time policing what is uploaded but are still held responsible by DH for insuring that only legal content is hosted on your account.

Additionally, don’t forget that, in spite of the large amount of storage an bandwidth DH provides, these are still “shared” hosting accounts where you are only one of many on a given server.

This makes it very difficult to successfully run “image/file host” type sites. By their very nature they can easily create undo load on the server (particularly when it comes to the number of concurrent connections) and often have to be throttled, or disabled, if run on a shared server.

If you have any kind of traffic at all for such a site, a dedicated server is probably more appropriate. At least a couple of the recent “gripes” on the web about DH handling of accounts has been due to precisely this problem. :wink:


Another thing to keep an eye on with image sites:

Email spam where people put their message in an image, host the image on a free hosting site, then simply spam links to the images.

So, if you see someone upload an image that looks like a Viagra ad… you should probably expect trouble from that user. :wink:

Is it the site in your sig? If so, you seem to make the TOS clear on your site, so as long as you enforce it, you should be okay with Dreamhost.

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So, since some users have pornographic (Non Child) images, those are allowed on DH?

When DreamHost says no “Copyrighted material” what do they mean by that? Does that mean that images such as the McDonald’s golden arches or music from Linkin Park can not be uploaded?

Music from linkin park would almost definitely not be allowed without permission of the copyright holders, the golden arches you could use in certain circumstances such as if it was part of a story you were posting about Mcdonalds (this would be deemed a fair use) but not if you were using it to try to claim to be part of or endorsedby Mcdonalds.

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“pornographic” isn’t the test, legality is…and that can get to be a complicated subject. In addition to child porn, certain other types are considered illegal in some jurisdictions (bestiality, for example). DH does allow “Adult content”, but I’d be careful about assuming that all porn is safe.

Talk to your lawyer, decide what you can defend as legal, and go with that! :wink:

The McDonald’s arches image may or may not be legal to post, depending upon fair use, source, etc. (plus with that one, there is a potential of trademark issues). The “music from Linkin Park” is a little clearer…without written permission from the copyright holder, posting it would be prohibited by DH TOS.

There is more info available at abuse.dreamhost.comFor most of this kind of stuff, you can either choose to err on the “safe” side, or get legal advice from one qualified to give it (most lawyers?) :wink: .

My advice is just an opinion, and is worth exactly what you have paid for it! :slight_smile:


Ha! It looks like we were typing at the same time, and you finished first…I’m Sorry for the “what he said” post! :wink:


One part says:

I don’t think that I am distributing music files, just allowing people to upload and listen. Is that wrong?

8. the delivery or giving out of an item or items to the intended recipients, as mail or newspapers.
10. the marketing, transporting, merchandising, and selling of any item.

3. the act of distributing or spreading or apportioning
4. the commercial activity of transporting and selling goods from a producer to a consumer [/quote]

I believe those explanations of “Distribution” sum it up quite well. Unless you’re streaming the audio, in which case might potentially require a license to do so, it’s not allowed on Dreamhost.

As rlparker pointed out, it would be best to contact your lawyer or some other professional on the subject before approaching it any further, if you do indeed have concerns of being shutdown over such content.
In my opinion, it would be best to just not allow such things at all and be done with such worries.

The link below might provide a little more information on the subject.

Edit: I just noticed that rlparker has already posted a link to Arh well, the site is worth two links. :slight_smile:


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is the site an official site?

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Yes. Note the “” part.

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Then DH has their own official porn sites. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ve only had for a few years. Here’s a bunch of subdomains.

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Yes, but the “unofficial” blog officially announced abuse.dreamhost:

and it’s also finally officially mentioned in the TOS:

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lol. I didn’t know that!

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A lot of the subdomains are theirs. I was just pointing out that “Yes. Note the “” part” doesn’t equal official.

I think it should be that way, though. I’m sure they wish they did a separate domain right from the start.

I would guess (hope?) that they’ve had time since the switch to drop any that could be confusing.

They could probably make a fortune if they ebayed off and exempted it from the trademark policy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I cannot help but notice that no one tried to make the distinction between PUBLIC file/image hosting service, and some kind of personal project.

If personal even on a shared hosting plan the host should have no problem with him USING THE RESOURCES HE CONTRACTED MONTHLY

hmmm… really? - the trauma of bad godaddy

It usually does work that way, but many people don’t often protect their personal content from the public. A simple htpasswd and/or htaccess file is generally all that’s needed, but many “newbies” won’t even go that far, as they aren’t aware of the option to do so.

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