"Allowable hosts" failure?

My database application stopped working sometime early Sunday morning, around the same time as a Dreamhost server reboot. I think the problem traces back to the failure of the Dreamhost allowable hosts problem. My underlying data seems OK, but the app uses sprocs and views to deliver the data, and they’re hosed.

Three questions:

Is anyone else having serious db problems?

Is anyone else who uses sprocs, udfs and views running all OK?

Is anyone having trouble using a domain (like %.myisp.nnn) as an allowable host with a PC-base query browser like MySQL Query Browser or TOAD?

Dreamhost hasn’t dealt with my problem, and no one here has offered any clues. In the meantime, my site is dead in the water. Perhaps someone can offer recommendations for a new hosting service.

Just as an idea… have you tried going into the panel under your MySQL permissions and just hit ‘Save’ (Or is it ‘Submit’?) again?

If you’re too impatient to wait on support to answer, then I’d suggest looking around for something besides a shared host. As to recommendations, www.google.com is your friend :slight_smile:

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

The option is “modify [username] now.”

I’ve been able to save my current IP for each session, but the wildcard feature seems to be broken, or else something is interfering with it.

Here’s a telltale sign of what’s happening. After getting in with MySQL query browser, I can create a new sproc and run it from the browser. If I sign off, shut down, and start up with a new IP, the sproc appears in my schema list, but is devoid of the content I just created. I can run select statements against tables from PHP, but I’ve designed my site to avoid that, preferring sprocs and views as more secure.

And yes, I’m looking for a VPS. Right now, my site is completely dead in the water. Despite sending several messages, I have no sense of what DH is doing about it. All they’ve told me, as of last night, was that somebody was going to ask a dbadmin about it.