Allowable Hosts DB Access for Users

I have what may potentially be an incredibly stupid question.

I’m very green at the database thing, but I’m trying to cut my teeth on a relatively easy project. I have, using php MySQL admin, built a database with the tables, columns, and input I need. However, my php calls to this db don’t seem to be working, and I wanted to be sure it’s not because of the Users “Allowable Hosts” settings… which are set only to the default of “”

Could someone please explain what the Allowable Hosts setting is and/or does? If I need to make an addition to this area, could you help me figure out what it should be? I apologize if I’m being too vague or shortcoming with details, I really am a noob with this stuff.


Unless you’re trying to connect to your database from a tool or web application that’s running outside the DreamHost network, the default “Allowable Hosts” will work fine.

I think I’m unclear on what defines something as “outside the DreamHost network”. The website that requires the database call is hosted by DreamHost, is that what we’re talking about?

Thanks for your response!

Yes, the default should be just fine in that case. The only cases where you need to change these settings are if:

[list][] You are hosting a web site on a server outside DreamHost’s network which needs to connect to DreamHost’s database servers.
] You are connecting to DreamHost’s database servers directly from your own computer (either because you’re developing an application there, or because you’re using a tool like MySQL Workbench).

Pretty much any “ordinary” situation should work without modification.

Suhweet, thanks, Andrew! Looks like I’ll be making a new thread for php troubleshooting…