Allow_url_fopen problem with phpbb 3


I’m using phpbb 3 and have installed a mod to embed video in posts. Some of the arrays in the php file do not work as they require allow_url_fopen to be enabled. Dreamhost has disabled this for security reasons. Is there anything i can do to fix it?

Well, you can compile php yourself to allow fopen or rewrite the code to use curl. I had to do the former (and yes I know of the huge security risk). If I was more of a coder I would have found a way to use curl but I had read over the documentation and still was unsuccessful after about a week of trying. I even tried to get someone to help me but was still not successful so :-/

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My question is why do you need any mod for video, when php3 supports video out of the box?

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it only supports flash. If you want universal video embedding u must mod.

If it requires allow_url_fopen it’s not worthy of installation.

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I have had to mod some wordpress plugins that were using fopen.

I found the following page very usefull.

Just in case you want to give it a go :wink:

Or request the mod author to update his code to use more security friendly code :wink:


No… It supports AVI, Quicktime, WMV, rm, Flash, and any other format you can throw at it. Some like avi can be embedded while others require the file to be downloaded and played on the stand alone player. You do need to enable embedding though.
There is a difference between inline graphics for flash, etc. and attachments. I was talking about attachments. For inline graphics they use bbcode, a good example is the flash button, if you looked at the code for that button it is using bbcode. Armed with this info, it makes it simple to use bbcode to create a Utube link, etc. These all require that the image or video be stored elsewhere while attachments are stored on your server.
Oh and one last thing, attachments may not be avaiable if you chose the easy one click install. (Not sure on this one, but heard this through the forum) But is available for advanced one click installs or self installs.
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i want to embed like youtube videos etc in the posts. phpbb3 can not do that.

Here you go. BBCODES for embedding videos, etc.


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Yeah they do work but you would need a bbcode button for all the types of video sites out there.

This mod allows for 1 button called “video” that will work for over 20 video sites. It does not look like the mod author will back down on the allow_url_fopen issue as he thinks thats the only way it can be done.

Looks like i will make do. The mod works for almost all the popular sites… just photobucket was an issue as i have a user that uses PB.

It doesn’t need to create a button it can be use as direct bbcode in the message for example
[]video here[/utube]

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thats not very user friendly though is it.

I understand what your getting at. But a one button solution is a much better idea.

Just throwing out ideas

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