Allow limited-access FTP users

I have several domains on a Dreamhost account. I have a consultant doing some work for me, and I want to give him FTP access to the one domain he’s working on.

Dreamhost allows me to create an FTP user and give him a wide selection of control panel privileges, but does not let him actually, you know, access anything via FTP.

I chatted with a support rep who told me my only option was to move that domain to a different user. I don’t want to do that, because, yes, I am ALSO working on that domain and need access to it, and it would require me to reset a bunch of configurations.

It seems like my only other option is to give the consultant access to my entire account, which for obvious reasons I do not want to do. Surely technology has progressed to the point where we can solve this problem?

Support gave you correct information.

While *nix permissions are more robust, most using shared hosting don’t need to delegate access. And if you do, you can, just not with the incredibly inexpensive shared hosting product.