Allow CAA records in DH’s DNS (2017 Suggestion is locked) Why would DreamHost not offer this?

Since C19 we’ve been using a combination of our existing PHP website and New Google Sites. The New Google Sites have extremely long URLs, which can be addressed with the use of CAA records.

DreamHost does not appear to support CAA records, in that we can add Custom DNS Records of type A / CNAME / TXT / NS / SRV / AAAA , but not CAA.

This appears to be a very widely adopted standard among domain registrars and hosts. If DreamHost is not about to offer it could DreamHost please chime-in to explain why not?

If we need to choose between New Google Sites (with reasonable URLs) and DreamHost, then there is no sense in us delaying that choice.

If CAA is not required (?), for New Google Sites to offer shorter URLs that would also be interesting information for us. DreamHost does offer GSuite, and so New Google Sites. Do DreamHost GSuite customers not also experience this problem?

I haven’t used Google Sites for ages, but they only required setting a CNAME when I did. Have the Google nuggets changed something (again)?

The CAA issues some authorizers had “back in the day” were mostly due to a server responding with a wayward response like NOTIMP (not implemented) rather than just sending a NOERROR when it didn’t understand the request.

You can read about why CAA isn’t required – or even necessary – at the LetsEncrypt website. As you’re no doubt aware DreamHost implemented LetsEncrypt certs via the Panel years ago and it’s worked seamlessly to date.

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