Allow admin to access subdomains running under another user

I’ve set up several subdomains for a class I’m teaching. Currently only the users who I’ve set up to run the domain under can access the files via FTP. However, I need to be able to log into my FTP server and view their files to troubleshoot etc. I’d also like to make sure they are restricted to just their home directory. Are these things possible?


well each user would only be able to access their own home directory so that isn’t a problem. as far as admin access is there some reason why you can’t use the user you created and password? you may have given individual people the information but there shouldn’t be a problem with you accessing it too with the information you provided them.

I had them set their own passwords. I suppose I could change them, but I’d rather just access it with my own account so I don’t have to keep a ton of passwords around.

unix groups is what you are thinking of… using them is not robust on dreamhost generally, but it mightwork for your uses:

Thanks. I will give that a try.