Allow adding notes to different parts of system

Use case

I have to create external documentation to record what everything is for. This includes email addresses, domain names, websites, databases, user accounts, etc.


Optional “Notes” fields where details can be added for future reference.

Panel is not external.

Hi @sXi – by “external documentation” I mean I create Word docs or Markdown files to document how the system is setup for each domain.

What I’m suggesting is that there is a “notes” field added to the web console for each item (e.g., email addresses, databases, domain names, websites) where I could add information (e.g., address used for Wordpress XYZ plugin on

This would mean I can see what everything is at a glance instead of digging for documentation.

Think of it like commmenting your code – might seem like a chore at the time but long-term it helps you and the next person.

That’s what I thought, and the reason I pointed out that Panel should not be considered external. Architectural notes should be kept elsewhere.

Sorry, I have to respectfully disagree here. My suggestion isn’t for detailed design. It’s for a simple place to put reminders of what things are for.

In an ideal world, everything would be documented and maintained. But in 20+ years of working in IT, I’ve rarely come across a project or organisation that does this properly. If it’s done at all, documentation is often seen as a maintenance overhead that’s never updated, or becomes lost in file systems. Alternatively what usually happens is it’s ignored until the wheels come off and there’s fires everywhere by which point no-one knows what’s going on and it’s a scramble to fix problems.

My suggestion, as I mentioned in an earlier reply, is the equivalent to commenting code. It might seem unnecessary to some, but it’s a godsend when you have to come back and make changes or fixes.

DreamHost is not going to do this.

If you want to keep notes handy, put them in a text file and pin it to your browser. I do this myself.

Thanks for your feedback @keyplyr.

As I don’t know the mind of Dreamhost’s staff, I can but suggest ideas. Whether they act on them is another matter. And just so you know, I do keep notes. I’m making the suggestion for general purposes.

If I may be so bold, I think software exists to make life easier for people to complete tasks, and it’s improved through feedback, research, and --dare I say-- suggestions such as mine. Without software we’d all be flipping bits with butterfly wings and nothing would get done :smiley:

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