All WP sites blocked to my IP after failing login on one

This has happened twice tonight…

I have a number of Wordpress-based sites on domains hosted by Dreamhost. Tonight I failed to correctly log in to one (forgot the username/password combo).

Eventually I did a password change request. When the e-mail arrived I clicked the link, which took me to the page for creating a new password. I created the password and then tried to log in. I may have entered the new password incorrectly, because I got an error message about being unable to connect.

After that, the site would not load for me at all. It just showed the standard Chrome page for “This webpage is not available” Same on IE. I tried some of my other Wordpress sites hosted on Dreamhost. None of them would load either. All returned the browser’s default “This webpage is not available” message.

Then I went to my mobile phone and the sites loaded.

That was a few hours ago. I went out for a bit and when I got back the sites all loaded. But then I tried to log into another of my Wordpress sites on Dreamhost, and ran into the same issue. I’d forgotten the password. I tried to enter it four of five times, but eventually I got the same error message in Wordpress: Just a simple, white page with unstyled text saying something about not being able to connect.

Again, none of my Dreamhost-hosted Wordpress sites would load. All the same, default “Page not available,” messages. But the site would load on my phone, and the site showed them as being up. Then I went to a free anomymizing site and was able to load each Wordpress site through that.

It seems that either Wordpress or Dreamhost is keeping track of login failures on Wordpress, and then blocking the IP of any machine that fails to login. Not sure how I feel about this unadvertised “feature.”