All websites down for about 5/6 days


I have to much problems with DH. Since 5 or 6 days or more, all under my account still down, and down, and down…!
whats happening?
Support can’t fix anything, and some of my customers is gonne away.

Support simple says: ‘Sorry about that,’ and nothing works…

I use DH since 2007 and never see like that before.

I think DH is gonna to a bankruptcy…

Now, I plan to moving for other reliable hostserver.

Be careful if you are planing to come here.


I had typed a fair whack of a reply but I’ve since decided not to bother since I fear it would be lost on a user who
joins, posts to complain as a first post, then doesn’t visit again - All very “random-passer-by just looking for attention or to stir the pot” if you ask me…


If it takes 5 or 6 days, it may be a hardware failure. They may be in a process of moving your sites to another server.


You’re seriously mischaracterizing the responses you’ve received from Support. Each time that you’ve reported problems with your sites, our Support technicians have consistently responded promptly, either fixing your reported problems or noting that your sites were functioning correctly when they looked. I’ve just checked a few of your (many!) sites just now myself, and they seem to be functioning correctly for me as well.


Kareka, please be responsible for what you are saying. It is not fair to DH support if you are not telling everything. Especially when they are doing a great job.