All Websites down for 2 DAYS

Seriously dudes, what’s the deal??? My sites have been ether down or full of load errors for 2 days now and it’s costing me money by the second.

Please either respond to recent tickets or give a DH status update as to what the real issue is. Your last bulk email over 7 hours ago about the MySQL servers going down for an hour, but are all better now doesn’t explain 2 days plus of downtime .

How much more downtime are we looking at here? All I want is an honest answer.

Hi Sean,

We genuinely apologize for the downtime you’ve experienced. We completely understand the frustration, and I can assure you we strive to answer any questions you might have with shameless honesty! On that note, our tech support team looked into and responded to the last email you sent. Please reply there directly with any questions/concerns you might have. Thanks!