All websites deleted!

Yesterday I upgraded my account to Dreamhost PS. At 3am last night my account was supposed to be migrated to Dreamhost PS and I received an email stating it was. When I went to view my websites, I first received a bad_httpd_conf error. As per Dreamhost recommendations I went to manage domain, then saved the current configuration, (I changed nothing expect switching up to php 5.2, the saved. Tried to reload my page and got a 404. Hmm, rebooted machine. Tried again. This time a 404 error. FTP’d to the site and all three of my sites are completely gone… Missing… Empty directories. Any suggestions on fixing this or should I just pray that dreamhost backed up my site before migration to Dreamhost PS.

Mine too. But I have had a PS server for a long time. This morning I got the bad_httpd_conf error and did the same thing you did and now all my directories are empty! All my sites are gone.

I have now had all of my websites deleted for 22 hours and have not heard a thing back from Tech Support.

Just on the chance that some tech support comes here… the account name is escapecm.

Thanks. My livelyhood relies on this website. Everyday it’s down is a lost day of work. It really is my income. Even, a “we are working on it” would be great.


They did not delete your sites actually, just on new server they only created empty dirs.
I got same problem today.