All subdomains to single application

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I’m planning on creating a Django app which will create a subdomain for each user. It looks like the Dreamhost API handles this. First, if this is not correct please correct me.

Second, is it possible to setup a site as a catchall for any subdomains it might receive?


don’t know about the API, but for the second question, this is not possible on shared servers. You’d need a VPS for that.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding the spec here about the catchall but if he creates a subdomain using the DH API that mirrors domain.tld couldn’t he use .htaccess to gather information specifically for the sub.domain.tld ??

He can setup a wildcard A record *.domain.tld, where any domain not currently assigned a DNS record will redirect to (This should be the IP of the catchall domain)

If he means catchall like http-vhosts.conf where sub1.domain.tld doesn’t exist and automagically gets domain.tld then yeah VPS is the way to go.



Unless something has changed, DH doesn’t allow wildcard domain records for shared accounts. That’s the problem.


Hmm, must have changed then cause I just created one for domain.tld and foo.domain.tld now resolves to my real domain…

I do have a unique IP for that domain since I have a SSL cert. Wonder if that’s the difference…