All sites down, no DNS resolution

As of this morning, none of my ~12-15 websites hosted with DreamHost are loading, all timing out. I see no announcement on the status page and nothing on Twitter. My account is current and there seem to be no technical issues.

What gives? Should I just restart it?

If you’re on VPS or Dedicated that would be a good first step.

Hi josh,

I apologize for any downtime! I looked in to your domains and I was able to resolve them all, and your VPS is up and running smoothly. If you are still having issues please send a support ticket to us here and our support team will be sure to look into to it right away.

Matt C

I have the same problem, except I only have two sits hosted on DH. Neither are responsive as of today, unless you like refreshing and waiting 10 minutes for them to connect. They worked great last night. Why do my pages keep doing this? Is it a server thing?

It may be a ‘your ISP thing’ actually. When that happens, I generally tell people to run a traceroute and see where the connection dies. On my ISP (Time Warner) I have that happen a lot, and have to reboot my router. Annoying :confused: