All Servers Hacked ADMINS PLEASE READ!


Dont make any new sites until ya check yer old ones if ya look on the pages like index.html,php,asp main.html,shtml,php,asp etc ya will see the hackers have added a 1x1 iframe to your pages Server admins ya need to block all ftp access on any server from
the whole range from 77.221.


You are an idiot. Someone needs to serve you a tall glass of “GO AWAY”. :wink:



I’ve had that before. It tastes kinda sour.



Im an idiot because I tell people to look out for themselves You are the idiot but i have a lil stronger word than IDIOT for you.

And if you havent seen this Iframe You prolly dont even know what it does. Well lemme tell ya Im such and IDIOT i decoded it and it loads a russian webpage whick in turn loads 575 yahoo pages in the background Now if you don’t think that will slow you down then you better think again. I have already shown itto yahoo and have sent out messages to Icann and his host. But hey Im just an Idiot


You’ll certainly get no argument from me on that point! :wink:

Hey, I’m sorry you got pwned and had an iframe stuck in your page, but that’s a far cry indeed from “All Servers Hacked” and yelling for “ADMINS PLEASE READ!!!”.

“Run!” Chicken Little cried. “Run! RUN!! RUUUNN!!! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” :open_mouth:



If you can’t figure out something as simple as creating an accurate thread title, I doubt you could tell if a server was hacked… or even turned on for that matter.

Let me guess. YOU got hacked because you don’t update scripts, then you had trouble telling the difference between one shared account and 1,500+ servers? Math is hard!

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lmao I love the DH discussion board and blogs :stuck_out_tongue: