All PHP and PL files slow?

For the last couple of days I am having an issue on Jefferson that whenever I try to load a .php or .pl file, it takes forever to load… while a regular html or image file loads fine.
Even a simple hello world as at that just prints one line of text takes 15 secs to load. Anyone else having these issues on Jefferson?

dig into this 14 month old thread:

open a ticket and ask support to check your apache instance…
on a side note: You might also have some hackage going on… Norton blocked me from visiting your link.

First view 30.246 secs
Repeat view 30.204 secs

( see ) … your site has a classic case of the bug described in the thread which LakeRat linked to.

See also, (posted April 2nd 2013 by stevenb, DreamHost Engineer):

[quote]Hi people, I am working on this issue.

We have an idea what it is, but we need to reproduce the cause. I cannot do this manually as it won’t give me the data on why it’s happening in the first place.

Those of you who are still having this issue or when it pops back up for you… When you contact Tech Support, please have them contact me: stevenb in the Systems Engineering team so that I can look at it before it’s corrected.

Thank you.[/quote]