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I have just noticed that all the static Pages on one of our sites have become Posts. That is, they no longer display when called with wp_list_pages (and they always did), and now when I look in the Manage section, the Pages tab reports no Pages exits. I can see the Pages now listed amongst the Posts on the Manage Posts tab. And I can no longer add any Pages either.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? Is it perhaps related to the frequent apparently automatic disabling of all my plugins?

So in a nutshell:

  1. Our “Pages” are not showing only as “Posts”
  2. Our plug-ins are disabled automaticall and at the time of this happening when Pages turned to Posts
  3. We can no longer make new PAGES

We are running 2.2 of Wordpress and have had no problems until 3-4 days ago.


[quote]Any ideas as to why this is happening? Is it perhaps related to the frequent apparently automatic disabling of all my plugins?

So in a nutshell:

  1. Our “Pages” are not showing only as “Posts”
  2. Our plug-ins are disabled automaticall and at the time of this happening when Pages turned to Posts
  3. We can no longer make new PAGES

We are running 2.2 of Wordpress and have had no problems until 3-4 days ago.[/quote]
Are you sure that your site has not been “hacked”? You are a couple of versions behind the latest security updates, and there has been a rash of outdated WordPress installations being compromised recently:

Also, you are not alone:

Given the information shared in that last link, I think that ultimately the WordPress forums may be your best bet for finding a fix for this as soon as possible. Good Luck!



What would you suggest? We have posted over at the Wordpress forums. Should we upgrade to the latest?


That’s a hard question to answer, because there are several things to consider.

The first thing to do is to try to determine if your block has been hacked. Manually browsing through your database for unfamiliar data is a good way to check, and there are WP “security scan” plugins about that can help (see WordPress forums,, an the codex, for more information on how to tell if you have been exploited).

I’ve just been through “resurrecting” a blog for a client that refused to keep her site updated, and was hacked. It can be tricky business, as you need to have a “clean” database to use for the upgrade, and with a version as old as the one you are using, you may have to do a series of database upgrades or “fool” the database upgrader by twiddling the version numbers.

This is “less that trivial”, so you might want to enlist some help if you are not comfortable directly manipulating your database and possibly going “off the reservation” (using techniques not described in the “routine” upgrade instructions) in doing the multi-version upgrade.

The very first step is to try to get a “good” version of your database that you are sure is free of “suspect” content. It took me several hours to locate the “best” of my client’s “backup” databases (she didn’t even notice the “hack” at first), and once I had found that, a couple of more hours to thoroughly search it for bad stuff and purge what I found. You MAY be able to recover a “last know good” database via the DH panel, but they don’t keep versions for long, so if this problem has been ongoing, all the databases they have may be “bad” (They’ll likely “work” but they may have the hacked data in them).

This is one reason why you should regularly back up, and keep several backups, of your database. You can always “re-install” the code for your blog (WordPress itself), but you most likely don’t want to start over with your blog.

What is the url for your blog? Maybe by looking at it “in the wild”, one of the “experts” here can spot the problem or determine if your site was compromised, and that might help you decide how to proceed.

At any rate, if you can get a good database copy (using phpMyAdmin or other MySQL tools), then yes you should upgrade. How far you upgrade is up to you - 2.5 is the latest and is the most secure, but some folk are having problems with the new flash image/media uploader that have NOT yet been resolved. Because of this, you may want to hold off on 2.5 and stay with 2.3.3 so you can know you can still use WordPress to upload media (which is really discouraging as there are identified security weakness in 2.3.3).

Alternately, you could TRY a “one-click” 2.5 install as a test with a subdomain, and if the uploader works for your O/S, browser, and flash versions, then go with that!

It is a pain to upgrade, I know, but is is guaranteed to be a bigger pain to “unbork” a “borked” blog should it be exploited.



We did the upgrade just a few minutes ago - the site works - and now redirects the PAGE urls to the POSTS - which I find odd.

But we can still not add PAGES and the old PAGES are still POSTS. - is the URL - and we are now on 2.5 - I did backup the MYSQL prior to the upgrade - but I’m not sure how to go back in time and see if that is indeed the issue. From our end there doesn’t seem to be anything of suspect content


Did your clear your cache(s)? I think you may have “fixed it”, because everything seems to work properly for me. What looks like a “page” in the “top menu” ( who we are, what we do, etc.) seem to be pages, and what is obviously “posts” (blog) seems to be “posts”.

“News” (top menu) appears to me to be a category of posts, and your RSS seems to be only displaying “posts”. Am I just missing what seems to be broken?

Clearing your cache(s) and cookies/session might be related to your difficulty in adding pages. Are you using any SEO Plugin that can be impacting your urls, and/or have you re-built permalinks since the upgrade (you should!). Note that this version (since 2.2.3, I believe) changes category/tag tables!

At this point, I think the best way to determine if you are “ok” with your database is to manually browse those table looking for “content” that you don’t/can’t “see” on the site. I do not see any evidence of a hack in your new 2.5 generated code, so you may have taken care of the problem with the upgrade.



We did clear our cache. And it APPEARS fixed. But those TOP PAGES are now POSTS - in the WPADMIN interface there are no PAGES. News and Contact - and others used to be PAGES. We are not using any SEO plugins - so I’m not even sure how these are getting re-written.

We did clear our cookies and I then retried making a PAGE - and it just results in after I hit save - a blank empty PHP page - page.php

Then on refresh - there is no saved page. Really odd - also I don’t know how to rebuild permalinks - but in doing a save on that page I get a blank page as well.

Any help on the category/tag tables might be a good idea - perhaps the theme we are using may have issues - but I think the fact the PAGES don’t show up on the PAGES page is troubling and the main issue we want to fix.

We went through the 5 pages of posts - and other items - so far it looks clean on the database front.


I will say - i have gotten a TEST page to save finally. So that’s something - perhaps something in the database with the permalink urls - changed it to then think the pages are now posts? No idea.


Well - we can add a page - but it will not set to PUBLISH - also doing so results every time in a blank page.php - then on refresh the page will be saved but never published even when setting the page.

Wow - there is some total glitch here. And browsing the database on wp_posts - these new not publishing pages are complete - and are marked as PAGE - but the older posts that were PAGES are now POSTS in the database.


Other people are having this issue at Dreamhost as well…


I ran across post on the WordPress forums that indicated, for at least one user, the “saving pages” problem seemed to be related to mod_security. Is that on for your domain (“extra web security”), and if so, have you tried disabling it?



I did in the HTACCESS file - should i just remove it from the panel all together?


Yeah - same deal. We get a blank post.php page - and then it only saves the title of the PAGE or POST as a draft. Seems like it’s messed up.

The only thing I can think of is saving a permalink change also results in a black permalink.php page in the wp-admin - seems permissions related - but the save does save a new copy the .htaccess file.

Not sure - haven’t heard anything from support.


We were hacked…


[quote]We were hacked…[/quote]
Arguuugh!! I was sooo afraid of something like that, which is why I suggested carefully inspecting the database for “suspicious” stuff - unfortunately I didn’t know exactly what to look for (this one is a “new on” on me). :frowning:

Trey’s post, and the link to the “magicincludeshell.txt” is golden! Have you gotten rid of it and are you now “back in business”?



Back in action. Thanks for your help.


I’m glad you are back in action … but I didn’t really help! YOU figured it out! :slight_smile: