All of my sites are down

I bought some websites from one of the person who hosted his websites in your host. He sold those websites with one year free hosting. he didnt give me the control panel , but he gave me FTP for all the sites.

the sites are
still many more

all the sites are down, The domains are under my dynadot account. My sites are losing all the money because it is not at all opening

Now can you tell me what should i do to make it live and even tell me the problem for my sites to be down ?

If you read the blurb before you enter the forums you’ll note that DH techs do not regularly patrol these forums.

Your problem is that you’re probably on one of the servers in the “Spacey” cluster [like me] where the fileserver bit the dust over the weekend. They’re building a new one and moving everything over, but it looks like it’s going to be awhile until we get our sites back.

You can go to for updates from the DH crew, and a definitive list of the afffected servers.

They’re up for me. How about for you?


Any time you have problems, you’ll need to go through the person you bought the sites from. Whether or not that’s a good thing depends on your relationship with him and/or how much you know about hosting sites yourself.

Otherwise, the only way you’ll have any control over anything, or the ability to deal directly with support, is if you move them to your own hosting account

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