All of my files are gone


My sites were down for about 3 hours this morning, and when I was finally able to log in through SSH, I was shocked to see that my home directory was empty. All of my files are gone. EVERYTHING is gone. Trouble tickets are going unanswered. This is a foo, and I have no way of getting a response. What am I supposed to do?


Since you have not posted your URL, we have no way of checking anything. Have you tried looking in your .snapshot directory for backups?

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Sounds like an NFS issue to me. Support is most likely aware of it and working on it. I see nothing posted on the DHStatus page about it, so just wait until support gets back to you.
If it’s an NFS issue, as I believe, then all of your content is still there and intact, it’s just the that filer hasn’t been mounted yet (for whatever reason only support knows).

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Perhaps it would be wise to file a support ticket, especially since this may be a system wide outage.

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Ok, I didn’t write “this is a foo”, and I don’t know why it changed the word n-i-g-h-t-m-a-r-e to foo.

What is an NFS issue?


Where is my .snapshot directory? My home directory is empty.

I have opened trouble tickets two hours ago and they are going unanswered.


It is not visible. However, if you do

cd .snapshot

you can get in there. It’s a special directory containing backups of your stuff in various timeframes.


It’s because the forum is a steaming pile of fooing foo. One of the fooing foos who runs the forum thought it would be fooing funny to replace foo with foo. Fight foo with foo, as it were. Foo has been barred, in fact.

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No luck:

-bash: cd: .snapshot: No such file or directory


“.snapshot” is an “invisible” directory in your “home” dir…you can cd from the shell prompt (or an ftp client) into it even though you cant see it:

cd .snapshot

2 hours seems like forever when your stuff is borked, but is not that unusual for email support; you can always submit a follow-up ticket, but I would try to be patient and give them a little more time. :wink:



I opened three trouble tickets. I don’t understand why they can’t just respond and tell me that they are working on it and everything will be back to normal. But instead they are silent while my 20 gigs of files are gone, and I am losing money, and wondering if my files are gone for good.


Was that necessary? Would not a single ticket be enough? Do you think that 3 tickets == 3 times quicker service?

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I understand…if they are having NFS problems, there may be a large queue of support request, and they may not have come across yours yet. If you have already submitted three tickets, I can’t see how submitting another would help.

It may also be true that, if there is and NFS issue, they are more focused on getting it fixed then they are on responding to tickets…

Did you check the .snapshot directories for your files?

Finally, if a three hour downtime is making you “lose money”, you might should consider whether or not a low-cost shared server host without an SLA is appropriate for your site. DreamHost is a great value, but “it is what it is” and, if your livelihood depends on 100% uptime, it may not be your best choice as you do not have telephone support available in situations like this, and responses from tech support may take some time.



The first ticket was for my sites being inaccessible. I opened a second ticket an hour later just in case the first one was overlooked, which is very possible since I am dealing with human beings, and from past experience they usually respond quickly. And I opened the third ticket when I was finally able to log in but found all of my files were gone.


You still haven’t given us your URL.

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That’s most likely the reason you can’t see your files/etc.
And it’s also probably why support hasn’t gotten back to you yet.

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For the record, the downtime has been 5 hours - and right in the middle of the day too. If they are too busy fixing the problem to respond to tickets, that is understandable, but they could have taken a minute to update the DH status page and alerted everyone to the situation all at once. If the DH status page was updated I would not have opened a ticket at all.

BTW, my files have reappeared although are still inaccessible via the web. I have dealt with web hosts for 7 years, and while there have been many problems I have never had any files disappear, so naturally I would be very concerned.

scjessey, I do not understand how posting the URL would have helped since it had nothing to do with the missing files.


I’m on the spunky cluster, and all of my services are working just fine. You might just be unlucky in this particular case, or it may be an unrelated problem. Posting your URL would allow someone else to check to see if your site is working from an alternative location, and eliminate one of the possible problems. If you don’t do this, we (as simply other customers) are limited in what specific assistance we can give.

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This is showing as fixed in status.



Right. And it might be even longer before it is completely resolved; none of that changes the relevance of what I said about the appropriateness of a non-SLA governed low-cost shared hosting service for a site where 24/7 uptime is paramount for your income.

It’s always nice when the status blog reflects your problem, cause it tends to alleviate a lot of worry.

It might be the “middle of the day” for you, but this is the internet, and it is also “5 o’clock, somewhere.” :wink:

Yep. I would be worried too!