All of a sudden

We’ve got the crazy package
3 domain hosted
I am the superuser (well you know what I mean) and would ftp in as 1 user and make changes to the 3 .com folders. Well all of a sudden 2 of my sites stopped working and I’m happily told that it’s because I uploaded them as the wrong user. What happened- it wasn’t broke so why the fix? What was the fix? What changed?

Imagine if I had 20 sites to administer - you mean I have to ftp to 20 different .com’s with 20 different username/passwords?

Whats up?
Please advise

In the control panel, you set up each domain to be administered by a user. If you want one user with access to all of thoes doamins, then set each doamin for that user.

Same deal if you want to set up a differnet FTP account for one doamin, then that user will only have access to that doamin, and not the others.



Thanks for the knowledge base


What happened …since November 2000 I’ve administered all sites under 1 username
I’ve ftp’d under 1 username/1 password to 3 different DOT com folders / those folders are in my “uber” user /home directory

Now -(as in 1 week) sites didnt show -they just showed dir listings

I got “a wee” picture from support and created a user and uploaded under that user name and it’s all good…but where was the notification? Or what did I miss ? When did I miss it? was basic-bongo so forgotten that it took this long to catch up? I just want to know what changed…and then I’ll continue hacking away :wink:

Venkman rules - sshhhhhh don’t let anyone know-gee I hope it’s still venkman

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Yes twista exactly like that -
I’m not happy that I’ll have to manage
domain name/username/password combinations when previously my happy dreamhost accounts were easy. No big deal for the crazy package but for my code monster package life just got complicated. I guess I’m missing something obvious … but obviously I wasn’t aware that I was -
sorta of like when my search rankings tanked on google…gee right after MSN came out with another over- commercialized search engine that is totally useless
yes I blame them