All my websites are gone. Freaking out


a couple of days ago i noticed that all my websites registered and hosted on dreamhost were gone.

my guess is it’s because the new “Shared server ‘clippers’ being moved to new hardware” ?

i am really freaking out and so are my clients, i had some large website with lots of stuff on them and on top of it all, because i was stupid, i have no local backups of any of them.

and many more do not work any more, the folders are empty … except for the favicon files!

please help asap, i contacted support twice a day 24h ago and got no answer.

Not to worry! I handed your tickets off to a support manager and we’re manually restoring your sites from our backups. We’ve just emailed you as well. Feel free to reply to the email if you still see issues after the restore. Thanks!

Thanks, your email made my day, all works well again.
thanks DreamHost