All my SVN repositories wiped!

It’s not as nasty as it could have been since I’ve stored incremental backups via other mediums but…

I had a bunch of repositories I worked with heavily from 2007-2008. I dabbled with them again in 2010. (added one for a couple friends) As far as I can remember I never lapsed on bill pay or anything. (and I’m paid through much of 2022)

I decided to look into my SVN repositories today and they’re all wiped. (across two domains, both of which I still have) The web interface says they’re all at revision 0. Subclipse and SmartSVN both report the same and do not check out anything.

The only thing special that happened in that time frame was the merge in december 2012:

[quote]Dear Xxxxxx,

We’re happy to share some great news with you - DreamHost is growing and expanding!

As a part of our many months of hard work to harden our network, improve stability, and strengthen our systems overall we’ve chosen to move into some new state-of-the-art data centers. This move so far has provided additional stability and redundancy for our customers and our network. As a part of these improvements we will be shutting down the Los Angeles Airport adjacent (LAX) data center where your site is currently hosted.

Your site will be migrated into our newest data center (located in the US - East Region, in Ashburn, Virginia) within about a week starting from December 20th. [/quote]

…and I suppose the servers getting compromised around 2012-01-21 is also significant.

Has this happened to anyone else? Am I pretty much SOL here?

edit: looking at the old work I salvaged the time frame is any time from 2010-05-16 to today