All my sites are down

I experienced some downtime last night between 9pm-12am CST for everyone of my sites. Every site on the server returned “error establishing a database connection”. After contacting support, they suggested i install caching. Seriously? Now it’s 4pm on a monday, and all my sites are down again. I could understand downtime on a sunday night for maintenance or what not, but not during business hours on a monday. I’m on boxelder. Some info as to what’s going on would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The answer from support, seems to need more explanation than that, if the didn’t back up that statement I would certainly ask them to explain.

“error establishing a database connection” sounds more like a problem with the database server than caching would solve on the webserver.
Wonder if this is related:

It took 2-3 emails alerting them to the problem before I got something besides what seemed to be a stock answer. From what I’m told there was an abusive user on the mysql database, and everything should be fine now. However, I just checked and all my sites are still returning the same database error. Sending another email to support. Come on dreamhost this is getting a little ridiculous.

I am having the exact same problem - just emailed them right now. Is there anything I can do on my end? My site is: