All my sites are down - Please help me


All of my sites are down and giving Internal Server Errors. I am using a Dreamhost PS Account and I have increased my memory to the maximum that Dreamhost offers but still the sites are down.
I have emailed Dreamhost but still I am not receving any reply from them.
Could someone guide me in fixing this problem.
Any help would be really appreciated.


Make sure you use the panel to submit a Support request. Plain old email doesn’t get logged.

You can also go to the Panel for the broken domain under Domains -> Manage Domains and click Edit. No need to change anything, but click on “Change Fully Hosted Settings Now” (even though you didn’t change anything). This often jump starts a broken site.


Thanks for your reply.

I have submitted a request using Support System from Panel but still no reply.

I checked under the “Account Test” and am seeing the following problems:

error: Your website does not appear in the Apache configuration file.
warning: Your website took longer than 5 seconds to respond.

I am getting Internal Server Error on all the sites.

Hope someone gets back to me soon.

Regarding your other suggestion - “Change Fully Hosted Settings Now” , I have tried this too but this is also not working for me.

I am also not able to login to my account using command prompt.

Is there anything else that I could do ?

I’m not a PS user, so I don’t know what other options are available to you. I thought there was some sort of Restart Apache thing PS users can do.


If hitting the [color=#0000CC]Change fully hosted settings now![/color] button didn’t work, move your resource slider back and wait for Support to fix your setup.

Use the OMG PEOPLE ARE DYING or whatever it is in ticket settings.

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Same here.
it seems like DH support is trying to ignore the fact that I’m sharing my PS with someone else and I have to pay for that user.
the matter is that I’ve requested the PS a two weeks ago and about a week ago it was ready. And during this week, that should be provided for free I need to test my PS usage and decide how much to pay. BUT all this trial time there are users on my PS from ANOTHER ACCOUNT. And now I have 5 users on the PS which I’ve never created.

Also, when PS was created, all my users was moved there no matter of “don’t move users” checked.

After 5 days and 6 messages from suppot they decided to move that account away at last and move my users back to shared and leave me an option to move my users t PS when I want to.

However, after 48h from that all my websites are down, nothing moved out and I’m getting “Your website does not appear in the Apache configuration file”

that’s really professional…

Cool, just noticed my account is using swordfish mysql server, but paying for mysqlPS :slight_smile: