All my servers down again!

I see dreamhost still hasn’t resolve the issue of being BROKEN EVERY SINGLE DAY FROM 11AM TILL 6PM. This doesn’t even make me MAD anymore, it’s just EXPECTED. I’m telling all my customers that all of their sites are down during normal business hours. It’s a surprise when it actually stays UP all day.

Seriously though, is there ANY word on dreamhost resolving this issue, or are they just trying to sign more and more people up?

Yep. My sites are down AGAIN. I’m at the point where I’m gonna have to backup and start looking for a new home. This sluggish service is bullshit.

I’ve been with DH for over 2 years and loved them, but 2 weeks of super slow and inconsistent availability is crazy.

I did hear back from support (I appreciate the honesty):

Sorry for the hassle.

We have resolved a Filer problem that was a problem for several weeks.
However, the network situation is better but not completely cleared up.
The admins are doing everything possible to resolve the network issue and
should be back to normal shortly. I wish I had an ETA for you, but there
just isn’t one at this time. Each time we clear up the network problem,
a switch seems to break or lag in someway.

We are doing everything we can to get to the bottom of the problem and
will have a solution as quickly as possible.