All my enquiry boxes are blocked/inaccessible

all my enquiry boxes are now blocked or invalid…when i ask for authorisation codes to be sent…they will only send them to inboxes i can’t access…what’s the point of that…? can anyone from dreamhost help…?
ok…one of the inboxes has become accessible…can a reply/answer/solution be sent to this…??

Unfortunately I don’t understand exactly what’s going on here… Our Support team cannot email people directly. Can you please be more precise?

yes smaff…my ‘enquiries’ inbox has all of a sudden become inaccesible…when i ask for an authorisation code to be sent to access it…the page says it will send it to my ‘enquiries’ inbox which i can’t access…!!! why can’t the code be sent to another email address eg my gmail account…? any chance of some support on this from ‘the award winning web hosting company’ called dreamhost…or not…!!!

any suggestions award winning hosting team…?

I don’t know what an ‘enquiries’ inbox is, neither I understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve, what actions you’ve done, what the expected results are. From what you write, I can guess you’re trying to do something with a domain you own (start a transfer maybe?) but the WHOIS record contains an email address you don’t control anymore? Is that it?

If that’s the case, DreamHost support cannot send authorization codes to another email address that is not in WHOIS record: can you imagine what would happen if we let joe@stealing.sites receive the auth code of any domain we host based on allegations of ‘inaccessible’ inbox?

Remember that this is not a support forum, those who give answer here are not always part of the award winning support team: it’s safer to assume that people here are just DreamHost users and enthusiasts, we all need context in order to be helpful. If you don’t feel ready to share more details in a public forum, please open a ticket (you don’t need to be signed in, if you’re locked out of your DreamHost account. Use “Other” from