All my emails show up as "read"


Perhaps I’m being obtuse, but I can’t figure this out. Every email I receive to my IMAP account shows up marked as “read” before I ever open it. This happens regardless of whether I ping the server on my iphone, or check my email using Outlook or Thunderbird. (In other words, there isn’t anything my computer / phone is doing that might do it automatically.)

The only thing I can think of is that I have my emails set to also forward to a yahoo and gmail account, but unless Dreamhost manually opens and forwards each one, that doesn’t make any sense.

Though this isn’t the biggest issue in the world, any help would be appreciated.

(And if this was already addressed in the forums, I’d welcome any thoughts as to how to narrow a search for “email AND read” to less than a zillion pages.)



is one of your clients/devices set as POP3 with “leave mail on server”, if so change it to IMAP… every client/device needs to use IMAP


That was helpful – yahoo was pinging the client as a POP3, and I turned that off.

Having said that, I am still having the same problem. Is there any way to figure out who / what is pinging my mail?



Open a ticket with support via the panel and ask if they can tell you.