All my Dreamhost email accounts are broken in Mail!

I am at my wits end! There is NO WAY TO SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET FROM MY PANEL! I have been a happy customer since 2002 and now I am so pissed off you could not believe it! WHY have I been trying to submit a ticket for two days?

My email client (Mail on my MacBook Pro) has been working just fine for about ten years. I have multiple email accounts configured. For the pst couple of days I cannot connect to the servers nor can I send email via Dreamhost. It is as if you changed all configurations simultaneously! My other, NON_DREAMHOST, accounts continue to work just fine! Ever since you switched to ATmail from Squirrel it has been a nightmare!

I have deleted and reconfigured my accounts with NO JOY!

I know my configuration is correct - I use the same credentials and can access my email from ATmail and from my iPhone! WHAT THE FRAK IS GOING ON? WHY THE HELL IS IT IMPOSSIBLE TO GET TO SUPPORT THROUGH MY PANEL? WHY SHOULD I NOT GO OUT AND FIND A NEW HOSTING PROVIDER?

Can you tell that I am angry?

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Regarding support, that’s super-weird: there are no known issues with accessing support via panel … have you tried a different browser? In any case, you should be able to open a ticket without logging in, using and choosing ‘Other’ option from the dropdown “Who would you like to contact?”

Regarding your email, I wonder if the recent changes of SSL certificates have somewhat messed up your client. I’d need more details to understand what the root cause of your issue is. What smtp and imap server are you using? Double-check you’re using the correct configuration using this document as reference:

Share more details here please so we can help you (or open a ticket). And also, please, avoid YELLING here.