All my databases are down :-(

Anyone else noticed that?

yes…pretty all today and yesterday, anything I have that runs mysql with a good traffic amount is inaccessible… <— works maybe 50% of the time I try all day today.

Same here. I’m on valerie.supercat. Can’t connect.


But my databases on these servers are running fine: morris:gladys, morris:bonso, monty:nigel.


Now valerie.supercat is back up. Fingers crossed that it’s done bobbing up and down.


mine’s been going down all day. I would’t be to quick to write it off as being back up.

I have sent Support 2 trouble tickets about this.

NEITHER has been answered!

The first one #1146252 is at 1 day 2 hours.

The second one #1146803 is at 8 hours 45 mins.

My database has dissapeared, and when it reapears for about 10 minutes, the content was gone!!!

WHAT IS GOING ON! 2 days now.

Any answers here?

Still down, both my trouble tickets are over 24 hours now, with NO answers.