All I'm lookig for is

All I’m looking for is to be able to stream my web cam. BlogTv shut down, VaughnTv video is jummpy at best. Same for UStream. Is this something that DreamHost can do for me? If so, what plan do I need?

I’m looking for a simple chat with the stream.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Brian

You could set up a dedicated server and configure all the necessary software you’d need for this, but unfortunately it’s tough for us to say how much power you might need with the dedicated server. And you’d have to set up the software yourself, as the software side of it is outside our scope of support (We do set up your dedicated server and take care of the hardware for you though).

Ultimately, if it’s not a big event making a lot of money, you probably will not want to spend the time and money on that dedicated setup. You should continue trying with similar services to the ones you mentioned for the most part, but we can try and help with the dedi if you do want to give it a try!

We did recently have a customer of ours running two live streams on their site, which they rigged from home using a local PC as the streaming server. You can see a basic explanation of what they were using, here:

If this is for something temporary, you could try following their example with a home PC and see if that works! :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, it sounds like R2MPM is using Twitch.TV (a gaming-specific offshoot of Justin.TV) for the video streaming part. The software mentioned in that blog post is all on the machine they’re broadcasting from.

As much as I’d like to recommend our hosting services here, you will probably get everything you want through Justin.TV. Trying to replicate their streaming / chat setup with one of our dedicated servers will be very difficult, as a lot of the software required to implement this service is not publicly available.